occurrences three one of each: marvel; frightful; goodly

(formerly: "to speak of event, first a ground") shall have a try-to-speak here and in fluid continuaouties with all that presents as current and lived throng, spark and thorn, give me two day's hours?

furthermore, (after more like a week's worth of hours) a moon/gluonic//

(now: "occurrences three one of each: marvel; frightful; goodly") + events as I observed //while engaged in performanc of washing machine machinery that is outside on what is termed "veranda" or "balcony" depending on whom you confer with / /
it made no sound but illusory I filled in for it some timid "shee~~" and solemn silent flare-out burn-up/ the conjunction of good timing between my and the meteor//stray fragment last moments in accord with facts //

-- facts of: approx 9:20pm of a 28th february tokyo south-facing, the moon directly south, the burning-up anomaly beneath the moon trajectory level i.e., horizontal, from left(east) to right(left)( edit note --i meant west!)(and this rest went wrong and I lack the understanding of what went wrong nor how to put it right, I'm sorry!) -- a allow & as at backdrop beneath circumstances disintegrating have in it just look made may mean measurer moon much night not now of past see sky small so somewhat speak terms the tinge to west withyellow-green !--i (edit note: something went wrong here, I fail to understand just what)

"fright--" day-dreamt (I mean I was asleep, the sun was risen) night-terror level with sleep-paralysis accompaniment (level as at nighttime) (usually once sun is risen it is far more bearable):: twin-peaks derived, a missing missing girl/woman, that she was missing all through the tv series etc, that this was missed,, she who by all accounts (there are none) did does not exist
may come to exist
. . . in a healed household // but knowing there shan't be one, it is impossible once the damage is done / once home that is intended as the expansion of the original safe place is rendered unsafe, everything is an outside coming at you, relentless attack //
this is unreasonable as existence goes/

"good--" goodly -- during urination in a public toilet among a park near a station noted a crumpled self-cuddling curdled life-form like a bobby-johns on the shelf above said urinal. Dead Ithought but poked it. Maybe I transferred lifeforce into it at that moment/ Therefore am responsible for its well-being/ it gained quickly life. It had only been a curdled huddle of spider form, nevertheless it was soon walking elegantly on my cooped cradle hands/ none of this is very interesting, but, I'm very fond of the bobby-johns species of jumping spider and this was a similar type but with more refined elongated front legs (perhaps because it does not live mainly through its generations ancestry in human quarters) but the somewhat outdoor, drafty, urinal, in the park where once saw a snake on a tree slowly stretching// and on a sheltered curled plant-life tree-of-sorts branch, it idly stalked to safety (I like to presume there was safety there, and there-abouts the spider continues to thrive)
& at home a spider if present tends to reolve its day's moves by settling high in the wall above where I constantly am, because it knows I like it/them --spiders-- and must be somewhat glad to settle, as I said, in this intangible resonance, I am offering it, at-home feeling. More at-home, I note, than I!

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  1. similar to this: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/12891893.Sightings_of__luminous_green_meteor__in_the_region/

    and I note it should be called a fireball -- "Anything brighter than Venus is classed as a fireball. Anything smaller than that is just a meteor."

    I apologise.